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About Mediasphere: PowerCPD Development Team

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Mediasphere is the developer of the PowerCPD eLearning Platform. Established in 2006, Mediasphere is a market leader in the development and delivery of cloud based training platforms. We provide software applications for induction, compliance, certification, e-learning e-commerce and professional CPD.

We are proud to work with our clients to deliver high quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) professional portals. Our clients either provide the CPD content on our software to their members or others optimise the eCommerce capability to sell their CPD content online to their end users.

Mediasphere has developed its own award winning web management platforms and provides a total solution with e-commerce, e-marketing, custom programming, webservices, hosting and support services. It has also developed a library of interactive products for the education and corporate sector which is exported globally.

Mediasphere hosts the PowerCPD software throughout the world on the Rackspace global hosting network. We have offices in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. We also have a network of partners that present our software with support in other countries.

Contact us today to learn about joining our partner network or to discuss your upcoming CPD portal.

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Our eLearning SaaS Product Suite

elearning saas software

The Lion LMS

The LionLMS manages the build and delivery of customised eLearning Portals for business, government and organisations.

The LionLMS platform delivers courses, learning programs, seminar management, webinar management, email alerts, document libraries, announcements, job vacancies, certificates, dynamic reporting, e-Commerce gateways and API integration.

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The InductNow SaaS Application

The InductNow application manages the build and delivery of an online staff / contractor / visitor induction and workplace compliance platform for business, government and organisations.

InductNow features courses, email alerts, document libraries, WHS course libraries, announcements, certificates, dynamic reporting, automated re-inductions and API integration.

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The PowerCPD SaaS Application

The PowerCPD application provides a management platform to build and publish Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training for professional organisations and associations.

PowerCPD features learning programs, courses and webinars, integrated booking calendars, e-Commerce capability, API database integration, CPD point allocation, CPD training record and CV creator tools.

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The CertNow SaaS Application

The CertNow application manages the build and delivery of accredited and non-accredited training courses for institutions in the tertiary and vocational education sector.

The platform is also designed for organisations to conduct 360 degrees professional development training. The LMS delivers open ended assessment and workplace verification in a structured workflow with dynamic operational reports.

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