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PowerCPD: The LMS Platform for Managing All Construction CPD

Construction CPD programs are delivered by government departments, training organisations, industry bodies and member associations.

PowerCPD is online CPD management software which allows all of these groups to manage their CPD programs. With PowerCPD, the following activities can be delivered online:

  1. Creation and delivery of CPD courses, modules and eBooks
  2. Publishing and registration to attend CPD events - workshops, seminars and conferences
  3. Publishing and registration of CPD webinars

When licensed, CPD providers receive their own training portal which is customised with their logo and corporate colours.

Providers can deliver any combination of CPD activities and each CPD learner has access to their own training portal which features an e-Commerce facility to generate revenue from the portal.

We Help Manage Your Construction CPD

PowerCPD helps with the management of your CPD business with the following tools:

  • The CPD Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver your training
  • The CPD Course Editor to build your courses
  • The CPD Event Manager to manage your CPD workshops and conferences
  • The CPD Webinar Manager to manage your online webinar bookings
  • The CPD Reports Manager to deliver your dynamic reports
  • The e-Commerce Manager to manage the online transactions
  • The News Manager to publish profile based announcements
  • The Document Manager to publish profile based document libraries

CPD Software for Builders, Engineers, Surveyors, Architects and Carpenters

The construction industry is committed to maintaining standards and updating the skills and expertise of their professions with Continuing Professional Development. As an example, we provide the PowerCPD software program to peak bodies, governments, member associations and organisations wishing to streamline Construction CPD the following professions:

  • Architects CPDconstruction cpd

  • Building Surveyors CPD

  • Land and Mining Surveyors CPD

  • Engineers CPD

  • Builders CPD

  • Carpenters CPD

Construction CPD

In the building and construction industry, it is imperative to stay up-to-date with industry changes through CPD activities. As well as keeping informed, CPD allows construction workers to develop their skills and improve the quality of their cpd

The nature of the industry also means many workers own their own business. As a result, CPD is also useful for workers to gain the skills and knowledge to grow their business, engage with prospective clients, and maintain the highest quality of work.

Construction can be a hazardous industry, which is why it is vital to keep up with industry and regulatory changes. There are many ways in which CPD activities can be delivered. These include workshops, training courses, conferences, trade shows, mentoring, and online courses. PowerCPD brings all these activities – and more – together in one centralised space.

While the focus is on completing the CPD activities, it is also important to maintain evidence of this in a Continuing Professional Development Evidence Record. PowerCPD records this information in each member’s e-Portfolio. Managers also have access to reports where individual, group, or database-wide reports on any course can be exported.

If you are delivery CPD to the construction sector, PowerCPD is your management platform. Start a free trial today.

Learn More About Managing Your Construction CPD on the PowerCPD LMS

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