With PowerCPD, you can deliver personalised certificates to all of your learners. The PowerCPD LMS features the Certificate Module that allows you to create new certificates and assign these to your training groups. When setting up your training portal, you have the option to deliver courses, webinars or events.

cpd certificate

You can select any combination of these CPD activities to be featured in your portal. For instance you may start with CPD courses and in the next year decide to add webinars or face-to-face CPD events to your dashboard.

The PowerCPD LMS features the option for you to deliver certificates for your courses, webinars and events.

Your Certificate Options

The certificates are presented in A4 or business card format and feature your corporate logo, style-guide and colours.

Each certificate features the following options:

  1. Name of learner
  2. Your business name
  3. Name of the course completed
  4. Date of completion
  5. Date of certificate validity
  6. Number of CPD points attained (optional)

Certificates are only issued after a learner has met the prescribed competency level that you set for each course.

Learn More About How We Can Deliver CPD Certificates to Your Learners

To learn more about how you can create and assign your own CPD Certificates on the PowerCPD LMS, please contact our CPD training team. We can help you with white papers, case studies, formal proposals and free PowerCPD software trials.

Call us on (Aust): 1300 787 611, (UK): 0208 973 2377 or (International)  +617 5555 0180. Email us on sales@mediasphere.com.au