Publish your own CPD Training Courses and e-Books

The PowerCPD training platform gives you all the publishing tools you need to create your own CPD training courses and eBooks. The Course Editor is one of the key modules in the PowerCPD LMS that gives you the ability to create unlimited CPD Training Courses on your platform. The PowerCPD Course Editor builds courses which feature:

  • Your styleguide, colour schemes, fonts and design elements
  • Automatically publishing in html5 format to display on all mobile devices
  • Inbuilt page templates to create professional page designs
  • Your page headings, text and images
  • Streamed audio and video files
  • Streamed animation and interactive assets
  • Automated assessments and quizzes
  • Scenario based learning activities

A sample of how your CPD Training Courses is presented below:

CPD Training Course publisher

CPD Training Courses Template and SCORM Compliancy

The PowerCPD LMS is SCORM compliant and supports all major authorware software include Adobe Captivate, Storyline, Camtasia and Articulate. In addition to supporting eLearning authorare, the PowerCPD Course Editor features a range of responsive templates to allow you to create your own professional courses without the need for any third-party software.

The Course Editor interface is displayed below:

CPD Course Editor

The PowerCPD Course Editor allows you to upload all of your existing text, documents, videos, images and audio files into course pages to create professional courses which are delivered to your team. The key functions of the editor include, the ability to:

  • Create unlimited courses and eBooks
  • Add Course Categories and Customise the Order of your courses in the portal
  • Add unlimited sections and content pages to all courses
  • Add all media types to content pages including streamed media
  • Import SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 courses
  • Set a completion date for a course to be completed
  • Add pre-tests and post tests and include section tests and surveys
  • Add a selection of formative and summative questions
  • Set competency pass levels and deploy question banks and randomised responses
  • Duplicate courses

Simple, Fast and Effective Publishing of Your Own CPD Courses

The PowerCPD Course Editor allows you to create introduction pages, sections and section pages to create your new course. With the click of a button you can easily add pre-tests, section tests and post tests. The image shows how the Course Editor adds sections, section pages and knowledge checks.

The Course Editor is simple to use and functions like a word processor with the added advantage that allows you to tag documents for download, add Flash files, embed audio and video files with a click of a button. The image below shows the editor and the wide range of menu options to allow you to customise your courses easily.

The Course Editor allows you to create, duplicate and publish unlimited courses on your own training platform.

Once you have created the courses, you can then create your own training groups and then assign learners and courses to each group to ensure that you can deliver personalised training campaigns to your staff and contractors. Learn more about creating your training groups. 

Publishing CPD Training Courses in Course Categories

The PowerCPD training platform allows you to add published courses into your own custom categories. After you have created a category, add your courses and these will then display on the Course Dashboard in the categories you have published.

CPD Course Settings and Tools

In addition to the advanced functions in the PowerCPD Course Editor, the platform provides your organisation with a library of tools to help you manage your CPD program. These tools include the ability to:cpd activities

  • Set a countdown for each course that appears as a due date
  • Upload a thumbnail that is displayed on the dashboard
  • Publish a title for each course
  • Set a number of CPD points / hours / credits for each course
  • Assign a custom certificate for each course
  • Allow the learner to launch or resume a course from the page last visited
  • Allow the learner to access the course on all computer and mobile devices

Marketing and Selling Your CPD Courses and eBooks

The PowerCPD software platform features inbuilt marketing tools to promote each of your online courses and learning activities. When a learner selects a course, event or webinar, the CPD Activity Description Box is displayed. This box includes the following features:CPD activity promotion

  • The ability to embed a video showcasing the course, event or webinar
  • The ability to display multiple images of activity
  • Images display full screen when clicked
  • Shows title of the course, event or webinar
  • Shows description of the course, event or webinar
  • Shows CPD points available for the activity (not usually applicable for corporate training portals)
  • Shows cost of the course, event or webinar (not usually applicable for corporate training portals)
  • Shows peer review and ratings for the activity
  • Shows the peer review star rating next to title

In the initial set-up of your CPD portal you have the option to enable e-Commerce to sell your CPD activities. If e-Commerce is enabled, the learner has the option to purchase the course and it is added automatically to their dashboard. If e-Commerce is not enabled, the button 'Add to Dashboard' is presented to the learner.

There is also the option to promote the courses and activities by providing free credit hours to your learners so that they can experience the quality of your training before purchasing online after they have used their credit.

Adding Webinars and Training Events to Your CPD Portal

The PowerCPD LMS provides a complete CPD solution for your organisation with the ability to publish your webinars and training events alongside your CPD courses.

The Webinar Manager allows to integrate your existing GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar accounts into the platform. This integration allows you to create a CPD Webinar on your portal and assign the webinar to a range of training profiles. The module allows you to assign a cost to the webinar and this is paid online through the e-Commerce gateway. When the webinar is scheduled to start, your trainers simply use the GoToMeeting application to conduct the session. There is also the option to assign a certificate and when the webinar is finished, the training data is added to the learner's profile.

CPD webinars and events

The Event Manager allows you to create and publish training events to your CPD profile. The Event Module allows you to create workshops, seminars and conference programs and assign these activities to a learner's profile. The module allows you to add all of the registration data to the form including information on venues, dates, cost plus the personal information you wish to collect as part of the registration. After completing an event, the learner will receive an attendance certificate and the activity with assigned CPD points will be recorded in the learner's CPD e-Portfolio.

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