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The PowerCPD LMS provides organisations and associations the ability to generate revenue from the promotion and sale of CPD training activities on their custom training portals. With PowerCPD you can receive online payments for your:

  1. CPD Courses
  2. CPD Learning Programs
  3. CPD Events
  4. CPD Webinars

cpd ecommerce payments

The PayPal Integrated CPD eCommerce Gateway

CPD ecommerce with PayPal

The PowerCPD LMS provides inbuilt integration with the PayPal eCommerce Gateway. As part of the initial set-up, our programmers add your PayPal customer account including your designated bank account to the platform to ensure that payments from the sale of your CPD courses, events and webinars are transacted directly with your bank.

As part of the PowerCPD LMS, we have the ability to deliver statements and invoices to your learners after a payment has been successfully processed by the PayPal gateway. We do not collect credit card details and with PayPal you can offer your learners a wide range of secure payment options including credit card transactions.

PowerCPD Payment Workflow

The PowerCPD provides a unique workflow that helps you promote and then provide an intuitive payment workflow. The CPD courses, event or webinar is presented to your learner on your Home Page or Learner Dashboard. The learner selects the CPD activity and a description is presented with promotional videos and images which relate to the activity. The cost and the number of CPD Points is presented and there is also the ability to provide recmmendations to similar activties. Refer to the screenshot below of the promotional page for your CPD activity:

cpd ecommerce

When the learner selects the purchase button, the CPD activity is added to the PowerCPD eCommerce Cart. There is the option for learners to select Continue Shopping to add additional products to their cart. When finished they select purchase which transfers the information to PayPal and the transaction is completed securely in the PayPal gateway.

There is the option to add Member Credit for associations and members can use this credit to purchase a CPD activity. This example is presented below:

CPD ecommerce cart

CPD Product Shopping Cart

In addition to offering your CPD activities for sale, there is the option to engage our team to add a PowerCPD Product Shopping Cart. This shopping cart allows your to sell your CPD products i.e. books. collateral, clothing etc which involves shipping in addition to online transactions.

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To learn more about how we can help you generate revenue from your CPD activities and products, please contact our CPD training team. We can help you with white papers, case studies, formal proposals and free PowerCPD software trials.

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