Dynamic Tracking and Reporting on Your CPD Training Portal

The PowerCPD Manager Portal provides powerful operational reporting for your managers and the managers of your CPD Training Groups. The portal provides a range of front-end administration functions which can be applied only to the group or groups assigned to the manager.

The Manager Dashboard allows your managers to view the activity and progress of all learners in their team. The dashboard can be accessed as a mobile app from phones and tablets to ensure that the information is always accessible. An example of the CPD reporting dashboard for the Manager is featured below:

CPD Manager Reports

Allow your Managers to Take Control of the CPD Training Program in Their Groups

With PowerCPD, your administrators can assign a single or multiple managers to each training group. The functionality that can be assigned to the CPD Manager Portal includes the ability to:

  • View the progress of all team members by reviewing personal visual CPD reports
  • Update the details of each learner in the database
  • View uploaded files from the external CPD Training Record entries with approval functionality
  • Assign your team members to CPD courses, learning programs, webinars and events
  • View visual reports on your team and export a wide range of dynamic reports in CSV format
  • Reset course results and create custom learning profiles for your team
  • Add new members to the Training Group
  • Search all assigned groups with a range of quick find features
  • Access all data and tools from all mobile devices

Managers also have the option to generate and export data with a range of existing queries. If the Manager is also a Learner the Learner View allows them to tab between the two views without the need for multiple logins. A sample of the CPD Manager Dashboard is presented below:

CPD Manager Portal

Learn More About the CPD Manager Dashboard on the PowerCPD LMS

To learn more about how we how the CPD Manager Dashboard can assist in the administration of CPD Training Portal, please contact our CPD training team. We can help you with white papers, case studies, formal proposals and free PowerCPD software trials.

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