Profession Based News, Announcements, Links and Documents

The PowerCPD LMS provides the ability for you to create your own set of training groups. CPD training dashboard

Most clients create the training groups based on the professions in their industry to enable them to deliver custom training dashboards with a selection of courses, webinars and/or events.

When you create a training group or profile on your LMS, the group is automatically added to all other dashboard modules. This feature allows you to deliver personalised training dashboards that also deliver profession based:

  • Document libraries
  • Contextual news and announcements
  • Relevant weblinks

Dynamic Training News and Announcements

The News Module allows you to post unlimited news stories that can feature text, images and streamed videos. There is also inbuilt management with the news as all news stories have a display and expiry date to automate your announcements.

Your training groups are featured in the News Module and simply clicking the check boxes of the relevant groups will display the news in that profile.

Personalised File Shares for Your Training Profiles

The PowerCPD LMS features the Document Library Manager that allows you to create and name folders and upload all file types to the library. The documents can be assigned to a training profile by simply clicking the relevant groups. In the dashboard, the documents are available for download by each learner and are presented with the file type icon.

CPD news and alerts

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