Automatic Assessment and Reporting

Inbuilt Reporting Profiles

The PowerCPD LMS features the Reports Module that provides automatic assessment and the generation of reports. The reports track the performance of your learners and there are a range of input reports which include:

  • Report 1: Generate report on users who have submitted results and have passed from a certain date to another date.
  • Report 2: Generate reports on users who have been created that have not submitted and passed from certain date to another date.
  • Report 3: Generate report on the average time taken to complete a specific course.

Exporting Reports as Excel / CSV Files

As the administrator, you can use the inbuilt reporting modules to select custom reports. You can select reporting start and end dates, select a course and the area of assessment that you designate for your report. The report is generated in Microsoft Excel format so that the report can be saved externally. 

Dynamic Reporting

The 2014 version of the PowerCPD LMS features dynamic reports. The Dynamic Reporting System allows you to query and export any information from your CPD member database.

The Dynamic Reporting System is featured on the Administration Dashboard and allows your managers to enter any data combination to generate a report.

The initial report is displayed instantly in the dashboard to deliver quick query information. If CPD performance data on a member is required the Pass Rate and a link to the Completion Certificate are featured in the report.

All reports also feature the CSV export functionality to enable your managers to pull specific reports from the platform at any time.

Learner Progress Reports

In addition to the administrator reports that are automatically generated by the Reporting Modules, there is also functionality for the learner to chart their progress.

After the learner has accessed a course from the Course Dashboard, they will be prompted to complete and submit their responses to your tests.

After submitting their responses the learner can view their progress and responses from the Dashboard.

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