Build Your CPD Profiles - Creating Your Own Training Groups

Managing Your Learners and Assigning Your Courses to a Group Profile

One of the unique features of the PowerCPD platform is the ability to create your own training profiles or groups. For instance you may want to create groups based on professions in your industry and then assign specific courses (from your Course Editor) to your groups.

Your training group has the following capabilities. Your administrator can:

  1. Add members individually to a group
  2. Import bulk learners to a group
  3. Automatically email your learners with their account details
  4. Assign courses to groups
  5. Assign documents and files to specific groups
  6. Add announcements and assign to groups
  7. Assign a manager or trainer to a group

If you plan to offer self-registration on your CPD Portal, you have the option to assign an access key that can be used during registration.

The Training Groups are a key feature on the PowerCPD LMS as the groups deliver personalised training portals for all of your learners.

Adding Hierachical CPD Training Groups

There is the option to create Training Groups that are Profile Based Groups. There is also the option to create hierachical training groups with unlimited sub-groups. When you add a course, webinar or event to a group, there is the option for the sub-groups to automatically inherit the assignations. The image below provides an example of a Master Group and a series of related sub-groups:

CPD Hierarchical Training Groups

Adding a New CPD Training Group to Your Learning Portal

The PowerCPD LMS allows you to add unlimited Training Groups to your portal. When creating a new Training Group you administrators add the following information:

  1. Title of the group or sub-group
  2. The unique ID for the group is automatically added and displayed
  3. The description for the group
  4. The number of annual CPD for the Training Group

The Add New Training Group tool is displayed below:

Adding CPD hours to your Training Groups

When your learners login to your portal, they will view their own dashboards and the courses assigned in the group will be displayed.

Adding Learners to Your CPD Training Groups

With PowerCPD you can sell your CPD courses online and the platform automates the process. You also have the option to build your own training groups and assign learners to these groups.

After you have developed or imported your CPD courses, you can add learners that you wish to access your courses. When adding your learners, you can issue access account details (username and password) and then assign courses to each user.

When the learner logs onto your CPD Training Portal, they will be able to view only the courses assigned to them. If assessment has been added to the courses, you will be able to generate reports on the learner's performance and progress. In addition to individual courses, your administrator can build structured learning programs which feature a selection of specific courses and these can be assigned to a training group.

Adding Groups and Assigning Courses

The PowerCPD training platform provides you with the capability to add groups of learners. For instance if you are managing a profession specific CPD program you can create a group, i.e. auditors, accountants, registered nurses, add the learners and then assign courses to the group.

When any learner added to the group logs onto their course portal they will only view the courses assigned to the group. If you edit or add a course to the group, all users see the update immediately.

Adding Managers or Trainers to Your Training Groups

Your administrator can use the Manager Module to add managers or trainers to your LMS. After adding a manager / trainer, you can assign this user to a specific group. Multiple managers can be assigned to a single group.

The manager logs in through the front-end and is provided with a reporting dashboard that allows the learner to view the progress of all users in that group. The manager can select from a range of reports and also has the option to export the report in CSV format.

Assigning Logos and Certificates to a Training Group

The PowerCPD 2014 has the option for you to add Training Groups to your CPD Portal for external clients. For instance you may be providing a CPD program for registered nurses and you wish to deliver a custom portal for a specific hospital.

You simply create the group, assign your courses, import the users and the upload the hospital's logo. The learners will logon through your portal but their dashboard will feature their name and logo at the top of the learner's dashboard. There is also the option to replace your logo with the group logo on the completion certificates.

The PowerCPD LMS is your dedicated CPD management partner to help you deliver custom portals to your learners.

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