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Take control with PowerCPD and deliver courses, events and webinars to a wide range
of professional profiles with full reporting capability.

Create your CPD Courses, Webinars, and Events

Create your CPD Courses, Webinars and Events

Move your CPD online and build online courses, modules and e-Books. Have your members register for face-to-face events, or online webinars. Integrate e-Commerce and start generating revenue from your CPD training activities.

Add CPD Training Groups

Add CPD Training Groups

Create training groups and assign courses, training programs and competency profiles. Assign a manager and import learners to each group. Communicate with learners in training groups with announcements, links and resources that relate to each group.

Import your CPD Members

Import your CPD Members

Enjoy the import options offered by PowerCPD. You can:

  • import your learners,
  • allow them to self-register on your login page,
  • use webservices (API) to link the portal to your own database, or
  • use Single Sign-On to integrate with your existing portal or intranet.
Publish Profiled CPD News and Documents

Publish Profiled CPD News and Documents

Publish RSS announcements directly to your learners' dashboards. These can be profile-based to provide personalised communication. Offer documents and resources for your learners to download, and map these to the specific training profile.

Deliver CPD Certificates

Deliver CPD Certificates

Deliver personalised course-completion certificates in A4 or business card format, complete with your corporate logo, style guide, and colours. Customise the certificate with fields, including the learner's name, your business name, the name of the course, the date of completion, and the number of CPD points attained.

View CPD Profile and e-Portfolio

View CPD Profile and Reflective Journal e-Portfolio

Each learner has a personalised Reflective Journal e-Portfolio which automatically records completed courses, events, and webinars. Learners can also add external training activities to the CPD Training Record to create a comprehensive training record.

Generate CPD Reports

Generate CPD Reports

Create dynamic reports on your PowerCPD data. The unrivalled reporting options include:

  • administration reports on all groups, courses, and assessments,
  • manager reports on a specific group accessed from the front end, and
  • integrated reporting to your existing databases using PowerCPD and webservices.


Online CPD Software Modules

PowerCPD software is the most advanced and comprehensive application on the market. The CPD features, modules and tools are displayed below:

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