The LMS to Manage Your Finance CPD

PowerCPD puts you in the Driver’s Seat. With automated workflows and tools you can enhance
the scope and quality of your Finance CPD program

Let Us Streamline to Management and Delivery of Your Online Finance CPD

PowerCPD is the leading online CPD management platform for peak bodies, member associations and organisation providing CPD and online training to the finance sector. PowerCPD streamlines the business of building and delivering stunning CPD for your members or clients.

With the PowerCPD hosted software you can:

  1. Build and publish your own CPD courses, modules and eBooks
  2. Create webinars and events and publish these to your training dashboard
  3. Allow members and clients to self register and pay online for all CPD training
  4. Build profiles for accountants, auditors, bookkeepers, mortgage and finance brokers etc
  5. Generate reports on the CPD level of all members
  6. Integrate CPD data into your existing member databases

Branded Finance CPD Portals for Organisations

In addition to marketing your financial CPD directly to members of the profession, the PowerCPD application allows you to create custom groups for your client's businesses.

You have the ability to import their staff, assign your courses, events and seminars to their business portal and add their managers to allow them to track and report on the progress of their staff.

There is also the option for you to add their company logo to the Training Group which would be displayed automatically to their staff after logging into your CPD Portal.

CPD for Auditors, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Mortgage and Finance Brokers

CPD in the financial sectors covers many professions including accountants, auditors, bookkeepers, mortgage and finance brokers. PowerCPD can be customised by organisations that are providing Continuing Professional Development to a single finance profession.

The PowerCPD software also has the capacity to deliver a single portal which can provide custom profiles for all professions. Financial CPD portals include the following sectors:

  • Chartered Banker CPD

  • Accountant CPD

  • Auditor CPD

  • Insurance and Risk CPD

  • Financial Advisory CPD

  • Finance Institution CPD

  • Bookkeepers CPD

  • Mortgage and Financial Brokers CPD

Financial CPD

The purpose of CPD for financial professionals is to maintain their professional obligations to themselves, their clients, the public, and their colleagues. The CPD activities undertaken by financial professionals must be of a high standard, and should include clear objectives, utilise adult learning principles, and include content that will enhance the member’s professional skills.audit cpd

To deliver on these requirements, financial professionals may participate in webinars, read accredited articles, complete online courses, or attend workshops and conferences.

PowerCPD provides a platform to deliver on these methods of CPD delivery, plus many more. The Webinar Manager allows you to create and publish webinars online. As it is integrated with the GoToMeeting application, you can choose for your webinars to be one-way presentations, or you can opt for your members to ask questions and become involved in the discussion.

The traditional formats of face-to-face events and workshops are still very beneficial ways to deliver CPD. The Event Manager allows you to create and publish face-to-face, blended, and online events. Your members can register online and can also pay online, if e-Commerce has been enabled.

By keeping all CPD activities in one place, your members will be able to see a snapshot of their progress through their e-Portfolio, or Continuing Professional Development Evidence Record.

Learn More About Managing Financial CPD on the PowerCPD LMS

To learn more about how you can create your own Financial CPD portal on the PowerCPD LMS, please contact our CPD training team. We can help you with white papers, case studies, formal proposals and free PowerCPD software trials.

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