The LMS to Deliver Real Estate CPD

The PowerCPD LMS gives you the muscle to manage all aspects of your CPD program on the one platform

Real Estate CPD Management Platform

The PowerCPD platform is a breakthrough software application that allows all real estate peak bodies and aligned associations to deliver streamlined CPD in a Learning Management System that:

  1. Delivers courses to PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, iPads and iPhones
  2. Streams video and audio files in courses and e-Books
  3. Delivers the option of webinars and events on the same training dashboard
  4. Provides CPD certificates and industry certification to real estate agents
  5. Generates revenue from CPD with integrated e-Commerce and automated invoicing
  6. Provides group profiles with aligned policy and sector documentation
  7. Streams news and industry links specific to each real estate profile
  8. Provides a Training e-Portfolio for all Real Estate professional that records all of their training plus the ability to add external training to the profile

If you are in the business of building training for the Real Estate sector, the PowerCPD platform has been designed specifically for you to manage all aspects of your training online. Contact Mediasphere on 1300 787 611 or +61 7 5555 0180 today to get started.

The Role of Real Estate CPD

For real estate agents, professional success comes down to experience, skills, and knowledge. To build upon skills and knowledge, there are compulsory CPD activities to complete each year. Undertaking CPD is an ideal way to stay on top of industry changes and trends. Quite often, there are changes to work practices, systems, technologies and legal requirements and it is important to maintain skills and knowledge in these areas.real estate cpd

In this industry, CPD can come in the forms of conferences, forums, seminars, workshops, online courses, or in-house agency training. As a result, agents can ensure best practice, no matter the challenges or changes in market conditions. Due to the various forms of CPD, it can be difficult for agents to manage their CPD commitments. With PowerCPD, agents can streamline their CPD requirements and access these in one centralised location, using easy-to-use tools and applications.

The daily life of a real estate agent is varied, which is why PowerCPD is so beneficial. It can be accessed on a number of devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. This means that while they are on the go, agents can participate in CPD activities anytime, anywhere.

Real Estate CPD involves the delivery of training and online CPD to the following professionals:

  • Real Estate Sales CPD

  • Land Valuers CPD

  • Real Estate Investors CPD

  • Property Managers CPD

  • Commercial / Industrial Real Estate CPD

Create Your Own Real Estate CPD Portal Today on PowerCPD

Are you the peak body for your state in real estate training? Have you created courses and training for real estate agents? Are you an RTO delivering the national real estate license? PowerCPD is the most comprehensive Real Estate CPD management software in the market. With PowerCPD you can:

  1. Build your courses or import your existing courses
  2. Engage Mediasphere to build your courses for you
  3. Create and publish webinars and events
  4. Generate revenue for selling all types of CPD activities
  5. Generate dynamic reports on the training status of all real estate professionals

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To learn more about how you can create your own Real Estate CPD portal on the PowerCPD LMS, please contact our CPD training team. We can help you with white papers, case studies, formal proposals and free PowerCPD software trials.

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